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2016 – Mild Peril album no.6 on 10″ red vinyl!

wsrc-mlp08-frontb   14462950_1256189094438231_9175205985369915705_n

  1. I Saw A Dilton Martian
  2. What Happened To Buster Crabb?
  3. Pepper Put The Cuffs On Me
  4. The Hypnotist Twist
  5. Orson’s Comet
  6. Petrol And Beer
  7. Straitjacket Stroll
  8. Looks Like I Gotta Split Town



2015 – The Curious World Of The Bad Detectives – album no.5







1. Tiki Tunnels

2. Demon Surfer

3. Who’s Gonna Watch The Skies (Now That Reg Is Gone)

4. Sheppards Barton, Special Agent

5. The Chesil Beach Luau

6. Glam Rock Lock In

7. BSA Bantam

8. Hoodoo On Me

9. Michael Landon Bit Me

10. Emmets And Grockles

11. Bloody Mary

12. When The Levels Break

13. So Long Baby, I’m Toast



2011 – Monster Raving In The Long Black Coffin – A Tribute To Screaming Lord Sutch.







4. Monster Rock

10. I’m A Hog For You Baby


2011- Look At Life – Album number 4!







1. The Girl From Porton Down

2. Won’t Do It Again

3. Run To The Sun

4. Lay-By On The Edge Of Town

5. (Bobby Fuller’s Drinkin’) Gasoline

6. Cider Safari

7. The Ballad Of Bono’s Hat

8. Ton Up Vicar

9. She’s Gonna Give Tom Jones Her Room Key

10. Operators Are Standing By

11. The Curse Of Liberace’s Tomb

12. The Dunmow Flitch

13. Fake Tan Sample Man

14. Clowns

15. Peroxide Baby

16. The Drummer Owns The Name

17. Big Dawg


2011 – The Car’s The Star – Another Western Star compilation bulging with Bad Detectives songs.







4. ’59 Pop

9. Bubble Car

15. Ford Capri

22. Cadillac Under My Christmas Tree


2011 – Crime Don’t Pay…OK?  Featuring 5 Bad Detectives contributions!







3. (Bobby Fuller’s Drinking) Gasoline

10. Down In The Block

15. Crook In A Suit

23. Won’t Do It Again

26.True Crime



2009 – Trash Culture – our third full length album, once again on Western Star Records.







1. True Crime

2. The Cerne Abbas Giant (Turned My Baby’s Head)

3. Binge Drinkin’ Baby

4. The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

5. Big Hair Boufant Groundhoug Day

6. Oliver Postgate’s Brain

7. Demob Suit

8. White Van Trucker

9. Midnight Brighton Run

10. Roadkill Grill

11. Down In The Block

12. Crazywell Pool

13. Stoneage Woo On You

14. Crook In A Suit

15. Folks, I Swear It’s True

16. 12 Square Beers



2009 – Western Star Psychobillies Vol.4 – featuring a cut from the Trash Culture album







8. Down In The Block



2009 – The Best Of Western Star Psychobilly Vol.1 – on Step 1 Records







14. Son Of Kong



2009 – In Transit – a 6 song promo CD from the Ford Motor Company – “A selection of music inspired by iconic Ford Vehicles”







4. Ford Capri



2009 – Sex and Violence – An Alternative Valentine Album from Cherry Red Records.







7. I’m In Love With The Mole Man’s Girl



2008 – Black Christmas – a Christmas compilation given away by Bizarre magazine, it has an exclusive Bad Detectives song.

black christmas






11. Cadillac Under My Christmas Tree



2008 – Bikes’n’Leather – Rockin’ At The Ace.  A compilation on the Cherry Pie label through Cherry Red celebrating 70 years of the Ace Cafe and featuring a brand new Bad Detectives song.







5. Midnight Brighton Run



2007 – Western Star Psychobillies Vol 2.  A compilation featuring our biggest hit so far.

WSRC019 - booklet.indd






10. I’m In Love With The Mole Man’s Girl



2007 – Through Cherry Red Films comes “The Western Star Promo Collection” DVD.  Subtitled  “Rockabilly and Psychobilly Mayhem”, it features 3 promos by us, and they are all brilliant.







2. B-Movie Scientist

13. Surfin’ The Severn Bore

21. Alligator Rosie



2007 – So we finally got around to putting out another record -“B-Movie Beat”.  The big wigs at Western Star were so impressed with our first album, they had no choice but to release our second. 







1. B-Movie Scientist

2. Bubble Car

3. I’m In Love With The Mole Man’s Girl

4. Rang Up To Hang Up

5. Who Cut Your Hair?

6. Sacred And Profane

7. Surf The Skies

8. Muddy River

9. Hubba Hubba

10. Texarcana Moonlight

11. Rattlesnake Oil

12. Weymouth Flyer

13. Motorcycle Speed Cop

14. Ralph The Diving Pig

15. ’59 Pop

16. Double Neck Guitar

17. Teenagers From Outer Space



2007 – On Anagram Records through Cherry Red, we’ve got a song on the serial killer compilation “Psycho Killers”.







12. Texarcana Moonlight



2006 – Due to the popularity of Vol 1, out came “Joe Meek Shall Inherit The Earth Vol. 2”, we have another two songs on it.







3. What To Do

18. Leave My Kitten Alone

(Also, Andy plays the organ and Ivan the Bass on track 23. “Please Stay (Don’t Go)” by Ian Gomm)



2006 – We then put two of our most psychobilliest songs on the compilation “Western Star Psychobillies Vol. 1”







4. Son Of Kong

14. Redneck Zombies



2005 – Then, also on Western Star we released our debut album “Get Hip – Let Rip”







1. Jungle Room

2. Rock n Roll Cranks Me Up

3. Surfin The Severn Bore

4. Son Of Kong

5. Fortune Wheel

6. Ghost On The B666

7. Alligator Rosie

8. Reeperbahn Rocker

9. Im Drinkin Myself Stupid Over You

10. Wild Wild Party

11. Saturday Morning Show

12. Redneck Zombies

13. Ford Capri

14. Yard Sale Of Sorrow



2005 – Next up was our contribution to the compilation “Joe Meek Shall Inherit The Earth” released on Western Star

Meek 1 main






14. Howlin’ For My Baby

25. Crawdaddy Simone



2004 – Our first proper release was called “The Son of Kong EP” released on Clay-Like Records, download it here:


1. Son Of Kong

2. Twister Vacation

3. Trash Culture

4. Strangest Dream

5. Bring Back The Summer


1981 – The only known recordings by one of the earlier line ups are available to download for free here.


1. Incognito

2.Running Out Of Money – Running Out Of Love

3. Alibi Club

4. Teenage Monster

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