Teenagers From Outer Space

Teenagers From Outer Space

What’s that thing up in the sky ?
A flying saucer my oh my,
It’s teenage aliens on the run,
Headed for Hollywood ‘n out for fun,
A blaster gun’ll do you harm,
They want the world for a giant lobster farm.

Teenagers from outer space, supposedly a more intelligent race,
But watch out they don’t melt your face,
‘Cos they got “issues” and they’re “on your case”.

There’s a space jock bully – his name is Thor,
An alien delinquent to the core,
He’s up against Derek and Betty Moran,
Will they stop him –  lets hope they can,
His beasts escaped and that ain’t good,
It’s headed for downtown Hollywood.

It’s the downside to the fifties space-age,
Thrill-crazed kids on a ray gun rampage,
Reporter Joe is on the trail,
“Suburban utopia murder tale!” ,
The beasts grown huge and he’s out to kill,
You know he’ll get it in the final reel.

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