The Chesil Beach Luau

Jump in the car and slam the door
Take a little trip down the three fifty four
Hey pretty baby come along with me
We’re gonna pull some mackerel out of the sea

Lets hit the surf baby me and you
We can load up on disposable barbeques
When the coasts getting near woo I get a tingle
Just thinking of scaling that bank of shingle

Doo da doo doo doo
The Chesil Beach luau
Doo da doo doo doo
Don’t get a pebble in your shoe now
You know it’s really neat
To dip your feet in the Fleet
At the Chesil Beach luau

Get out your pole and bait your line
Tinfoil and feathers seem to work real fine
If there’s no fish and there’s an empty grill
You can get an ice cream on Portland Bill

Now I’ve got scales upon my clothes
And you’ve got sunburn on your nose
We caught those shiny fish with silver fins
Now it’s time for a pint at The Ferrybridge Inn

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