Wont Do It Again

Wont Do It Again

I’m hurting from the sunlight, as I open up one eye
Just pIain brick walls and whitewash, and bars across the sky
My necktie, boots and laces gone I need to ascertain
Have I caused some kind of incident?
Well I won’t do it again.

Fried egg sticks to my paper plate, my plastic fork is bent,
I can’t remember who I saw, or where It was I went,
And as I shake my aching head I feel a stab of pain,
And when I find out what I did,
Well I won’t do it again.

The jailer looks into the cell, he sighs and shakes his head,
I know I’ve been a real bad boy, but I won’t do it again

Now I’m looking at the circuit judge, his face wearing a frown
He knows my indiscretions ‘cos he’s got it written down
Drinking, brawling, lawmen sprawling, smashed bottles of champagne,
It was just an aberration lord,
And I won’t do it again

What happened to my memory there’s a vacuum in my brain,
Whatever law I’ve broken sir, I won’t do it again.

But the clerk reads out my previous – commotion’s I’ve been
I’ve got no hope – he’s got the dope – a diary of sin,
I’ll be excavating ditches on a gang linked up with chain
‘N it’ll be a good long time
Before I do that again

I swear by all I hold ho-lee, I can guarantee that when
They finally set me free, I won’t do it again

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