Rock ‘n Roll Cranks Me Up

Rock ‘n Roll Cranks Me Up

When I’m doin’ the couch potato and I just won’t move,
‘Ain’t got no get up and go,
Just give me rock ‘n roll music played real loud,
Pounding out the radio.

Well a-hella-hella rock ‘n roll cranks me up,
Rock ‘n roll cranks me up,
Like a quart of whiskey in a dirty cup,
Rock ‘n roll cranks me up.

Frankensteins monster’s lying on the slab,
Waiting for a thunderstorm,
Put a rockabilly platter on the old Dansette,
Got him movin’ like a meteor swarm,

In a dusty tomb ‘neath the Valley of Kings,
Lays a mummy wrapped from head to toe,
When he heard Jerry Lee he ripped his bandages off,
‘N then he hollered “go man go”!

Ol’ dracula’s sleeping in his coffin bed,
He only comes out at night,
He heard a snatch of Little Richard on Renfields stereo,
Doin’ the cha-cha in the broad daylight.

Lawrence Talbot was a peaceful guy,
Loved to watch the wolfsbane bloom,
But he got bitten by the rock ‘n roll bug,
Now he’s howlin’ at the moon………

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