Sheppards Barton, Special Agent

He looks at the world in a different way to you and I
He’s on the ball for a call and the market price
Stalking the high pavement in a des-res jacket
Affordable digs, that cost a packet
Racks up the price that’s on the table
You can under cut it if you’re able
He drives a hybrid, but he’s outrageous
Sheppards Barton, special agent

Two up, two down, with a box room and a hall
Utilities you can’t utilise at all
Rubber stamps the deal with the incoming tenants
A low rate deal, with a forty year penance
Confidence comes to those who hack it
The percentage favours those who stack it
His morals are low, he’s Mr Contagious
Sheppards Barton, special agent

He’ll rebrand your town with an icon on an plaque
Once he’s in like Flynn there ‘aint no turning back
Come down every weekend, from the big black smoke
Artisan shopping, It’s bespoke
Cobblestone heaven, it’s a dream,
The celebrities love it but they’re never seen
Never mind the quality, feel the gradient
Sheppards Barton, special agent

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