Oliver Postgate’s Brain

Oliver Postgate’s Brain

When I was young and my mind was a fog,
I got the truth from Noggin the Nog,
I would like to briefly mention,
I was a fan of Ivor the Engine,
In front of the box and out of the rain,
Oliver Postgate’s brain!

He found the nuclear family living in a log,
Pogles, Hedge-pig, Pippin and Tog,
Saturday night everythings fine,
Mr Pogle’s on the Bilberry  wine,
Stop motion drama strange and arcane,
Oliver Postgate’s brain!

When he teamed up with Peter Firmin,
That’s when the Smallfilms started earning,
He got an even bigger rush,
When Peter invented Basil Brush.

Sitting at the T.V. eating mash and bangers,
Trying to work out if they’re swearing on the Clangers,
I never knew what Soup Dragon did,
Under the cover of a dustbin lid,
I watched them then and I’d watch them again,
Oliver Postgate’s brain!

The first of the fat-cats dealing stolen goods,
Tell you no lies it’s understood,
He spends all of the daytime sleeping,
That’s the same hours the students are keeping,
Bagpuss is the kingpin behind the pane,
Oliver Postgate’s brain!

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