bblogots250b “A commendable lightness of touch” The Curious World Of review on the Bluesbunny website.  Read it all here.


ukrockmagazinelogo“A great album, and a taste of the alternative West Country.”  The Curious World Of review in UK Rock’n’Roll magazine, read the whole thing here.

vintage“A wave of melody – savvy eccentrism……..What more could we ask for?  The Curious World Of review in Vintage Rock magazine, read the whole thing here.


“Think Dr. Feelgood with punchlines”.  5 star review* of Look At Life from Whisperin’ and Hollerin’. Read it here.
(*out of 10)

uk rock

2 Reviews from UK Rock magazine, The first for ‘Crime Don’t Pay OK’ – “Energetic”, “Harmonica drenched R&B” so that’s nice. The second is for ‘The Car’s The Star’ which descibes us as “oddities” and “eyebrow raising anomalies”. Oh yes!Read them both here.


“Playing R&B in a really trashy way” – Janice Long BBC Radio 2 – 31st January 2012.  Listen to a clip here. And here is the playlist.


“A distinctive contemporary and English flair”  Look At Life review from Roots Music Report.  Read it here.

live music scene

“Some fantastic music underneath the comedy” Look At Life review from Live Music Scene, read the whole thing here.


“You have to wonder what motivates them”.  4 star review of Look At Life from Bluesbunny.  Read it here.


“Hilarious – The Wurzels they certainly ain’t”.  Look At Life review from the excellent Shindig! magazine. Read it here.


B-Movie Beat review in the Italian ezine In Your Eyes, any idea what it says?


“My best find on this DVD”

Alchoholic Rats review our videos on the Western Star DVD, read it here.


“There’s some serious musicianship in this B-Move Beat, and the compositions, while tongue-in-cheek, are respectful of what has gone before.  Recommended.”

7/10 from, it’s well worth reading the whole thing here.


“With obvious nods to classic surf and garage punk forebears, they have the chops to deliver an exiting sound.”

B-Movie Beat gets 6/10 from americanaUKhere’s the whole thing. 


“It’s fun, it’s groovy, it’s wacko, it makes you laugh and party all night long.  If you can sit still to it, you’re probably deaf.”

3/5 from for B-Movie Beat – read it all here.


“17 new songs in an old school style – a very entertaining record”

Steve Lamaq on B-Movie Beat, he played it on his BBC Radio 2 show, oh yes he did – here is the playlist to prove it, and here is a low quality sound clip of it.


“The more we listened to it, the more we liked it.  It just bounces along with energy and humour.”

4/5 carrots from The Bluesbunny for B-Movie Beat, the whole review is here.


“I can’t fault this album in any way, it’s superbly done, irritatingly catchy and frustratingly unputdownable.”

B-Movie Beat review from Toxic Pete– read it all here.


“It’s almost at that level of badness where it starts being good again.”

Oh dear, Die Shellsuit Die only gave B-Movie Beat 4/10, read what they said here.

“This album is quite simply a cracker, the songs are like little movies, the subject matter so varied as to defy categorisation……the music goes from Canvey to Kentucky in its range.”

B-Movie Beat review from Ralphadeus – read the whole thing here.

Urban Lawns Logo

“The Bad Detectives play upbeat surf drenched rock ‘n’ roll. Music to instantly put smiles on our faces, they actually brought out the sun. All shot through with classic 60s backbeat – what more could you ask for with a pint?”

Review from eFestivals of our Urban Lawns set


“The Bad Detectives won an instant fan with their English accented early sixties style blend of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Skiffle, Surf and Beat”

Classic American review of Get Hip – Let Rip – read it here


“Clunky and amateurish”

They didn’t like B-Movie Beat quite as much, read it here.


“On their debut album, the band serve up a nostalgic party mix with a distinctive English twist”

The Stage  (click here for the full article)


“When I first got sent a Bad Detectives demo, immediately it was 1964 again, cool as anything you care to imagine…………mixing classic early sixties R&B with more than a nod to their rock ‘n roll roots, a splash of surf, a gumbo fillet and a hint of tongued cheek?… what a great combination!”

“The quirkiest writers in the UK”

BBC’s Geoff Barker “The Saturday Night Rock n Roll Party” (click here to read more)

blackcat thumb

“My favourites from this (Joe Meek Shall Inherit The Earth) collection are….Jack the Ripper….North Wind….Johnny Remember Me….and The Bad Detectives’ bluesy rocker ‘Howlin For My Baby'”

Review of Joe Meek Shall Inherit The Earth from  Blackcat Rockabilly


“The highlight of the festival was last Friday when the Bad Detectives walked on, they were tight, gutsy and raw, with no pretentions”

R Beacham – The Somerset Standard

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