BSA Bantam

I’ve seen Suzukis and the Honda Phantom
But my Dad went to work on a BSA Bantam
BSA Bantam is my number one
Built in the midlands in Birmingham
That mist green baby sure looks cool when you’re six

A single seat and one set of pegs
Two bits of Perspex kept the rain off his legs
BSA Bantam, barley legal tread
Bought second hand it lives in the shed
If it won’t kick over bump it on down the road

It was a telegram bike that much I know
My ol’ man got it of the GPO
That BSA, that BSA Bantam

In the wind or rain it’s really ace
A windscreen keeps the weather off your face
BSA Bantam wild and free
Taxed at a hundred twenty five CC
The machine of choice for the factory grafting man

BSA Bantam cost twenty quid
Sure beats walkin’ on the twilight shift
BSA, that BSA Bantam

Time came when he didn’t need it no more
He’d saved up the cash for a Zephyr four
BSA Bantam going rusty and rotten
Down our garden gone but not forgotten
Underneath a cover waiting for it’s time to come again

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