Demon Surfer

I used to run with the black dogs on the moor
Scaring the tourists is such a bore
Then one day when out prowling the dunes
I saw some guys in the water, ‘neath the full moon

They were the Demon Surfers
With their Vee-Dubya van
Yeah the Demon Surfers
But I ain’t blonde and I don’t got no tan

I kinda disolve if I catch some rays
But I had to join that midnight surfin’ craze
So now I chill with the dudes n’ eat some snacks
They passed a smoke and I kinda relaxed

Now I’m a Demon Surfer
Hells apparitions riding with me
Yes I’m a Demon Surfer
Ride those breakers to purgatory

Cos we’re the Demon Surfers
On the twilight sea
Yeah the Demon Surfers
Head back, screaming like a banshee

Before I crawl right back down to my grave
The pond is calling, saying “one more wave”
If you hear wailing of the feindish hordes
It’s just me and my buddies on ill-ume-in-ous boards

‘Cos we’re the Demon Surfers
Our corkscrews glowing bright
Oh yes the Demon Surfers
That you can see from the coastal path at night

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