Twister Vacation


Twister vacation, tornado holiday,

I’m gonna film some storms in tennesse,

And I’m gonna get blown away.


Well it’s hurricane season, and you’ve hired a people carrier,

And it’s a good enough reason to ask your girl to marry yer,

Well I’m fired up with a passion and I’m wired up like a flex,

It’s a brand new holiday fashion, and they say it`s better than sex,

When you`re goin on a…………………..


Force nine, force ten, a hundred miles an hour,

You got tractors flyin at your face, you cant believe the power,

Force nine ,force ten, your house is flyin by,

You better put your head between your knees,

And kiss your arse goodbye..


Well I got me a whirlwind video and it`s my own creation,

I`m gonna make me a pile of money when I sell it to the t.v. station,

It`s a gonna cover my airfare and you know that`s gonna please us,

So take a chance don’t go to france, and put your faith in jesus,

On a………………………


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