Crook in a Suit

Crook in a Suit

We had a visit from a corporate guy,
With a Saville Row cut and a pinstripe tie,
He said “ I got a fortune from the music trade,
Stick with me and you’ll have it made”,
Now he’s gone and so’s all the loot,
Turns out he’s just a crook in a suit.

Well he bought some goodies and he bought some more,
But every little thing seemed to walk out the door,
Sent out the cheques then he announced,
“You can cash ‘em in a month if those babies don’t bounce”
And  now the fraud squad’s in hot pursuit,
Everybody looking for a crook in a suit.

Well a crook in a suit is hard to arrest,
He aint got a ski mask or a stripy vest,
He don’t pick locks, he’s picked finance,
But he’ll pick your pocket if you give him a chance.

As soon as we sussed he was on the filch,
He was off on his toes, said “You won’t get zilch,
I come from a world of fortune and fame,
So I’ll get the money and you’ll get the blame”,
But the law came knocking and he got the boot,
Now the net’s closing in on a crook in a suit.

Up at the court of this suit there’s no sign,
The Judge said guilty and he gave him a fine,
He’d hid all his money said “I’ve got no stash,
You’ll have to pay the people with Government cash”,
Now the fraud squad’s in hot pursuit,
And I hope they’re gonna nail that crook in a suit.

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