Double Neck Guitar

Double Neck Guitar.

Travelling round the U.S in a yellow schooly bus,
Pickin’ and pluckin my Gretsch twelve string and Telecaster de-luxe,
My girlfriend thought that time consuming, said ” boy, here you are,
Look I bought you a brand new bona-fidey Double neck guitar.”

Oh the Gibson S.G. double neck, I hear it’s all the rage,
But it’ll give you a whiplash spine, make you look like Jimmy Page,

That put me, kinda-sorta, in a tricky sit-u-ation,
Cos’ I had to play a gig that night, but that thing weighed a ton,
The leather strap – it rubs my back, and now my shoulder itches,
Well I’ll have to hire a roadie just to operate the switches.

On that evil monster double neck, it don’t work on my songs,
It gets my hands all tied up when I play on it’s twin prongs.

I got that gee-tar offn’ me as soon as i was able,
Cos’ it felt like i’d been strumming at a two necked coffee table,
That woman stormed out in a huff, I traded in the twin,
I got a Nashville sunburst thinline, and a case to put it in.

Oh yeah I got rid of thay double neck, cos’ man I hate those things,
It takes an hour to tune it up, cos’ it’s got eighteen strings.

My baby came back the next day and I gave her the facts,
That I like Rockabilly Guitars that aren’t classified as an “axe”,
Cos’ that dual fretted lumber-yard will always let you down,
I said “Now how can you trust anything that comes that colour brown”.

No no no not that vampire double neck, it sucks out all your cool,
You could hang one of those on Mr T. and even he’d look a fool.

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