Surfin’ The Severn Bore

Surfin’ The Severn Bore

When the moons in the sky or on the wane,
I get a crazy feeling in my brain,
Oh it’s twenty one miles from Gloucester to Awre,
Let’s go surfin’ on the Severn Bore.

Waiting in the river and the air gets still,
The tide starts to rise and I feel a thrill,
Leaves start shakin’ and the four winds whirl,
That’s when I start to shoot the curl.

Let’s go surfin’ on the Severn Bore,
I wish I’d done it long before,
Like a steam train whistling down the track,
Nearly wiped out a mud bank but I got it back.

Going riding on the crest of a muddy wave,
Almost hit a bridge what a real close shave,
Now I’m the last one left on that big brown foam,
Let that soup push me all the way home

When we went surfin’ on the Severn Bore,
I had the pedal down to the floor,
Pick up my church key and get some brew,
Lock up the car, don’t want a five-oh-two.

I’m on the goofy foot never riding prone,
I’ve lost the canoes now I’m all alone,
Waves dying down and the end is near,
I made it up to Maisemore weir.

Yeah yeah yeah surfin’ on the severn bore,
That dirty river, it’s real hard core,
Noe I’ll kick backand shoot the breeze,
Before I take my gun back to the seven sees.

Baby surfin’ on the severn bore,
There’s booga boogas watching me from the shore,
Kept my cool because i didn’t want to screw it,
Drinking neptune cocktails and maybe selling Buicks.

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