Surf The Skies

Surf The Skies

I get up at 6, I go to bed at 10,
I have 8 hours sleep, then I do it all again,
I know that my life might seem mundane,
But when I’m asleep, I’m on the astral plane.

It’s great to get right out of here…..

I wanna surf the skies, when I close my eyes,
I wanna surf the skies with you.

I float around the neighbourhood,
I don’t get scared, and I feel quite good,
I was tripped right outta my gourd,
When I saw her silver umbilical chord.

It’s great when you’re an atmosphere….

Call the parson, cleanse my soul,
I’ll walk barefoot across burning coal,
See much more than astronauts,
Think much more with astro thoughts.

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