White Van Trucker

White Van Trucker

I was a big rig driver, I drove into the night
But the boss called us in one day and something wasn’t right
He’d had to sell the business, it fell right through the floor
Those artics went to Birmingham, and I went out the door

“Now be a White Van Trucker”
Is what my friends said to me.
“Go on be a white van man”
“Forget your HGV”
I used to run long distance
I don’t do that no more
Now I give joy to housewives
Bringing parcels to their door

I make the best of it these days, no CB or tacho
Just traffic calming measures, that make you drive real slow
And as those sleeping policeman cruise beneath my feet
I dream of strong black coffee and the services at Fleet

Yes I’m A White Van Trucker
No more lonely nights
Parked up in a lay by
Far from city lights
Dave Dudley on the radio
Seems to laugh at me
Six hours on the road
And I go home for tea

‘Cos I’m A White Van Trucker
That’s what I had to be
I tried to find other employment
But no-one wanted me
I used to shift machinery,
The biggest you could get,
But now Im moving bedding,
And Argos kitchenettes.

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