Motorcycle Speed Cop

Motorcycle Speed Cop

I’m hid behind a billboard that says “Hey! – Get A Coppertone Tan!”
I can see the lost highway stretched out just like a long grey plan.
Hey Mr Larry Leadfoot, better watch just what you do,
’Cos this here trouper’s got his eye on you.

Motorcycle speed cop,
I’m running on java from the coffee shop.
Motorcycle speed cop,
When I flag you down, well you better stop.
Motorcycle speed cop.

I got a horseshoe leather jacket, that’s where I pin my shield,
And I ride a Harley motorsickle, the best in the two wheeled field.
If you speed in someones backyard, you better not make it mine,
Unless you wanna ticket or an on the spot fine.

I got hippies running weed,
I got Mexican immigrant men,
I radio for back up,
And we send them back to think again……

But mostly I just like to work on my own,
I bust those law breakers, then I’m revving on back home.

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