Alligator Rosie

Alligator Rosie

Well Alligator Rosie, she’s got a strong right arm,
You need a healthy constitution working on an alligator farm,
Woah she wrastles with them lizards, and turns them into shoes,
Alligator Rosie I guess I’m in love with you.

Well romp, romp, romp, she’s the queen of the swamp,
Yeah bomp, bomp bomp, loves to shout and stomp,
She’s gone, gone, gone, watch her carry on.

Ahh Alligator Rosie, I asked her for a date,
She took me an an airboat with some alligator bait,
I thought I’d get some good, good lovin’ tied up to the pier,
When an eight foot scaley reptile tried to bite me on the rear.

Now Alligator Rosie saw I was feeling blue,
She gave me a free ticket to the alligator petting zoo,
I was O.K. with the muskrats and I even touched a snake,
But them cold eyed ‘gators looked at me like I was T-bone steak.

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