When The Levels Break

Here in the wetlands for hundreds of years
Farming the pastures without too many fears
Now the rivers are silted and the drains full of mud
Good Lord, look out Noah
Here comes the flood

The waters are rising the ditches can’t cope
The sandbags on the door don’t provide us much hope
Come along now children you know life ain’t fair
Clutch your precious things
And clamber up those stairs

They cut out the dredging because of the squeeze
The cattle in the barnyard are up to their knees
There’s acres of water and we need a plan
But there’s no glimpse
Of the government man

The flood hit Surrey and things start to change
There’s guys in suits and welly boots yomping round the lanes
But we’re still here when they’re long gone
Seems money is no object
When the cameras are on

Now the deluge is retreating and with a little luck
The kids won’t ride to school in a military truck
And meadows of green will replace those muddy lakes
Down on the levee
When the levels break

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