Ralph The Diving Pig

Ralph The Diving Pig

Well there’s the source of the San Marcos and the ol’ glass bottom boat,
It’s all so educational, let’s put it to the vote,
The star of Aquarena Springs, the one who’s made it big,
An Olympian entertainer its Ralph the diving pig.

We’ve got Darlene the aquamaid and she sure ain’t no fool,
She drinks  Dr Pepper under the deep end of the pool,
In the Atlantis submarine theatre, watch her take a swig,
But she can’t hold a candle to Ralph the diving pig.

There’s Salamanders, aquifers, gift shops and remains,
Lots of stuff to occupy those guys with great big brains,
But I’m here for just one reason, and porky’s got the gig,
The star of southwest Texas – It’s Ralph the diving pig.

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