Bloody Mary

Opened my eyes there were hammers in my brain
Said I wouldn’t do it but I did it all again
Gotta get up, gotta do the biz
I’m gonna need a little more than the clink, clink, fizz

Bloody Mary, wooo, Bloody Mary, oh yeah
I’ve been here before so I act a little wary
Can’t handle Cola, can’t take dairy
Got a tongue like a desert, a throat like a prairie
Who can help me out?
C’mon Bloody Mary, c’mon

I got business to cover and I need to get fit
Like Julius Caesar gotta hit, git ‘n’ split
I need Vodka, juice, pepper and Tabasco of course
Got to have a triple shot of Worcester-cester-shire sauce

Need something strong to get out of this miasma
So shake me a shot of that love apple plasma
All you witch doctors got nothing to fear
Mix me up a mess of that tomato sangria

Yeah I drank that cocktail and I leapt from my bed
Cleared out my sinus, rebooted my head
Started to move at an incredible pace
That side-salad cocktail shot me into outer space

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