Big Dawg

Big Dawg

I was selling seeds, when I chanced on him,
I made out I wasn’t enterin’, but I couldn’t con him,
He stood there in the alley, giving me the eye,
Just one step inside, I knew I was gonna die.

Big dawg – that’s what he be
Big dawg – a hairy freak
Big dawg – staring at me
Big dawg – my knees went weak – Big Dawg

My pal was peddling grit, to his friends and his folks,
I told him about the beast, but he thought it was a hoax,
He saw his merchandising, hopes were very poor,
You could lose a leg, to get a foot in the door.

Big Dawg – he was four foot six
Big Dawg – ready to kill
Big Dawg – looked like the hound
Big Dawg – of the Baskervilles – Big Dawg

The mailman walked up grinning, ‘cos his box was on the gate,
When he saw I’d thrown the latch, he’d left it just too late,
They were over the horizon, as we nailed the deal,
And that canine demon, was a snapping at his heel.

Big Dawg – he’ll be round again
Big Dawg – howlin’ at the moon
Big Dawg – meaner than ever
Big Dawg – I won’t come back too soon – Big Dawg

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