Ford Capri

Ford Capri

Gonna get an new car, what will it be?
Holy smoke! It’s a Ford Capri,
Poolball gearstick, elongated bonnet,
Ninety thousand miles and not a scratch on it.

Top of the world ma, look at me,
I’m the king of the road in my Ford capri.

Chip in your gas money and we’ll drive all night,
Go down the bridge and get a bite,
Eight track stereo all aboard,
Re-mould tyres, (thats all I could afford).

Eat my dust boy can’t you see,
I’m the king of the road in my Ford Capri.

When you see me coming you’ll know my name,
‘Cos I got it stuck across the windshield pane,
Leopard skin seat covers look real nice,
And hangin’ from the mirror there’s some furry dice.

I’ts a metal flake two-tone Ford Capri

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