Yard Sale Of Sorrow

Yard Sale Of Sorrow

There’s a chair over there, where she used to sit and stare,
And dream of gifts that I could not afford,
So she aimed her sights up higher, and she found herself a buyer,
Gave up our love to earn a gold reward.

For that senior prom dress that I don’t wish to posess,
Just drop a dollar in my money sack,
Take away the thongs and those heated curling tongs,
When it’s cold I may need that extra layer.

Welcome to my yard sale of sorrow,
Things we needed yesterday but I don’t want tomorrow.

A fake leopard coat and some candles that float,
Stand on the trestle table near the porch,
Under the apple tree, there’s a thing with batteries,
It’s plastic but I don’t think it’s a torch.

There’s a chick flick DVD that you can have for free,
From now on it’s John Wayne on my player,
I’ll keep the spare duvet, left when she went away,
When it’s cold I may need an extra layer.

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