(She’s Gonna Give Tom Jones Her) Room Key

Mindy still looks pretty good, approaching thirty five,
Cruel folks might tell you that they can’t tell from which side,
But this weekends the promised land, she’s saved up all her dough,
To head down to Las Vegas and see the Tom Jones show – let’s go
Let’s go – The Tom Jones show

All day in the beauty parlour, Carl gave her the works,
She ignores the knowing looks ‘cos the women there are jerks,
All loaded up the Pinto Ford, stands at the kerb outside,
Turns the key the radio’s on, its just four hours drive – let’s jive
Let’s jive – four hour drive.

She’s gonna give Tom Jones her room key
She’s gonna fling it from row three

All dressed up ready to go, she looks a classy dame,
That beehive’s been inducted, in the big hair hall of fame,
The lights go down the band strikes up and Tom gets in the groove,
Green grass, Delilah, Pussycat, It’s time to make her move – let’s groove
Let’s groove, she makes her move

She’s gonna give Tom Jones her room key,
She’s gonna fix it to her lingerie,

The Voice starts up his encore, It’s time to throw the lace,
Panties from Fredrick’s Hollywood hit him in the face,
He wipes the perspiration, from his orange brow and chin,
Bundles up the underwear, and throws it back again – oh men
Yeah men, they’re back again

She didn’t give Tom Jones her room key,
She didn’t get her night of sin

She didn’t give Tom Jones her room key,
But briefs soaked in perspiration, ease her frustration,

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