Hubba Hubba

Hubba Hubba

I met my baby on the downs, she said that she was looking round,
‘Cos she had a degree in ancient history,
Forget those burial mounds – I’ll take you into town.
Forget those mounds – I’ll take you to town.

Hubba hubba, hubba hubba, A-hoy hoy, hoy hoy,
You be my big brained honey, I’ll be your forty watt boy,
And if a-push-a comes to shove-a, girl I wanna be your lover,
Hubba hubba, hubba hubba, A-hoy hoy, hoy hoy.

She took me out to a museum, got stuff there from the coliseum,
In return as quid pro quo, I took her to a movie show,
You hear that Latin tense, well that’s her influence.
That Latin tense is her influence.

She taught me kings from long ago, I showed her Curly, Larry, Moe,
Then she played me some Chopin, now I’m his number one fan,
We queued all afternoon, to visit two-ton-car-moon.
Oh all afternoon, for two-ton-car-moon.

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