Son Of Kong

Son Of Kong

Well listen everybody stop putting me down,
(aooh papa doo papa doo papa doo),
‘Cos I aint the type to tear up this town,
All your talking makes me paranoid,
Ill end up on the couch with Mr. Sigmund freud.

You got me wrong , you got me wrong,
You got me wrong ‘cos i’m the son of Kong.

I don’t want to climb up a hundred floors,
And I don’t want to wrestle with no dinosaurs,
I’d like a career in my new nation,
Get a good job and some ed-u-macation.

Palm tree, rope swings, prehistoric beasts,
I can get by without all of these,
Head-hunting cannibals hang from trees,
I’ll let the big apple set me free.

I’ve been to anger management and I can get by,
Don’t need to punch airplanes outta the sky,
But I can cut loose on a Saturday,
And do the watusi with ol’ Fay Wray

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