Glam Rock Lock In

Listen to that long hair music (a-oom shooby doo wah)
Got a degree and they just can’t lose it (a-oom shooby doo wah)
What we need are brickies who can barely play
Mirror ball overalls, take it away

Gotta find a place where the music’s shocking
Double track the drums so the beat is boppin’
Slade are alive – hanging up a stocking
Marc’s inside – and he’s one inch rockin’
David Bowie’s docking – Sparks are gonna clock in
Bolt all the doors, it’s a glam rock lock in right now!

Those hippy songs sound strange to me (a-oom shooby doo wah)
Take up one side of a whole L.P. (a-oom shooby doo wah)
Well that’s so boring, I just can’t stick it
Got a platform boot habit and I can’t kick it

That prog rock sound don’t make me smile (a-oom shooby doo wah)
Plenty of content, empty of style (a-oom shooby doo wah)
Chinnichap and Suzi are crashing the decks
Satin shirt, tank top and spandex kecks

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