Radio Show #95 “Slash/Slash”

Episode #95 – “Slash/slash” – Sunday 17th November 2012. Presented by Henry, Ivan and Paul.


William Bell – Never Like This Before
Little Richard – Hey Hey Hey Hey, Going Back To Birmingham
Sparks – Lighten Up Morrissey
The Singles – Since You’ve Been Gone
Ballard – Heading West
Eugenius – Pebble / Shoe
Billy Bragg – 7 and 7 Is
Paul Burch – When I’m In Love
The Resonars – If He’s So Great
Dr Feelgood – Route 66
Al Hirt – Java
The Dirtbombs – It’s Gonna Be Alright
The Oblivians – I’ll Be Gone
The BMX Bandits – Where The Action Is
Thea Gilmour – Cold Coming
Shakane – Find The Lady
Tennessee Ernie Ford – Cincinnati Dancing Pig
Ezra Furman – Tell ‘Em All To Go To Hell
Giuda – Wild Tiger Woman
Silver Sun – Golden Skin
Those Darlins – Let’s Talk Dirty In Hawaiian

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