Episode #99 “10p A Copy”

Sunday 9th March 2013 – presented by Chris, Henry, Ivan and Paul
The Len Price 3 – Swing Like A Monkey
Micky Jupp – You Know What I Mean
T Tex Edwards – You Ain’t Never Gonna Live
The Excitements – Keep Your Hands Off
Wiretree – So Bold
Bullfrog – Glancy
Lightships – Sweetness In Her Spark
Promised Land Sound – The Storm
Angela Presley and the Howlin’ Moons – Roll On Over
The Godfathers – Believe In Yourself
Jook – Aggravation Place
Darren Hayman – Nothing You Can Do About It
Sturdily Simpson – Railroad Of Sin
The Fleshtones –  The Right Girl
Ballard – Build, Break, Repeat
The Compulsive Gamblers – Stop, And Think It Over
Joe Tex – You Little Baby Face Thing
The Sweet – AC/DC
The Nerves –  Hanging On The Telephone
Magic Kids – Hideout

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