Episode #111 “The Very Best Of The Cardigans”


Sunday 8th March 2015 – presented by Henry and Paul

Download http://fromefm.co.uk/archive/baddetectives/150308-baddetectives-baddetectives.mp3

Stream http://frome.fm/programmes/music/bad-detectives-radio-show/

The Waxwings – While You Spiral

Fountains Of Wayne – Better Things

The Fraidies – Xs On Your Eyes

The Ramones – Touring

James And The Ultrasounds – Party Dracula

Elvis Presley – Do The Clam

Frazer Hines – Time Traveller

Ooberman – Blossoms Falling

Taylor Locke – Running Away From Love

The Black Crows – Hotel Illness

The Supernaturals – Air Hostess

Cliff Richard – Dynamite

The Bad Detectives – Who’s Gonna Watch The Skies (Now That Reg Is Gone)

The Downliners Sect – Glendora

Bronco Bullfrog – Verity Mumbles

The Edgar Broughton Band – Apache Dropout

The Dreaming Spires – Still Believe In You

Super Deluxe – She Came On

Bop English – Dani’s Blues

The Coasters – The Slime

The Bad Detectives – The Chesil Beach Luau






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