Episode #110 “The Field Of Savlon”

savlon-creamSunday 8th February 2015. Presented by Henry, Ivan and Paul

Download: http://fromefm.co.uk/archive/baddetectives/150208-baddetectives-baddetectives.mp3

Stream: http://frome.fm/programmes/music/bad-detectives-radio-show/

Powder – Turn Another Page
Buddy Holly – Rock Around With Ollie Vee
Aloud – Jeanne, It’s Just A Ride
Sons Of Bill – Big Unknown
The Golliwogs – Fight Fire
The Above – You Make It Real
The Sonics – Bad Betty
The Yolks – I Want Your Number
Legend – My Typewiter
Ariel Pink – Put Your Number In My Phone
The Decemberists – Anti-Summersong
The Sensless Things – Got It At The Delmar
Aerial – Why Don’t They Teach Heartbreak At School
Withered Hand – Black Tambourine
Bill Allen – Please Give Me Something
Mothboxer – In The Morning
Kitty, Daisy and Lewis – Baby Bye Bye
The Muffs – Baby Go Round

R Stevie Moore and Jason Falkner – Sincero Amore

Wilson Pickett – Sugar Sugar

The Evil Arrows – Jennifer Kills The Giant (Once A Week)

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