Episode #155 “Out-Weedied”


Sunday 11th November – presented by Henry,  Ivan and Paul

Download Part 1: http://fromefm.co.uk/archive/baddetectives/181111-baddetectives-baddetectives-part1.mp3

Download Part 2: http://fromefm.co.uk/archive/baddetectives/181111-baddetectives-baddetectives-part2.mp3

Stream: http://frome.fm/programmes/music/bad-detectives-radio-show/

Subscribe: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/fromefm-bad-detectives-radio/id985795629?mt=2

We played:

Bob Of The Pops – When Your Lights Turned On

The Shadows Of Knight – My Fire Department Needs A Fire Man

Mr Ben And The Bens – Fall In Love Again

Traceyanne And Danny – Baby’s Got It Bad

Shakane – Madelaine

Jeff Goldblum – Straighten Up And Fly Right

Kimberley Rew – English Road

The Flame – See The Light

The Dodge Brothers – Step Away From The Car

Joe Kane/Radiophonic Tuckshop – Don’t Forget To Breathe

The Casuals – Mustang 2+2

The Archies – Bang-Shang-A-Lang

Beulah – Gene Autry

Status Quo – Tune To The Music

The Gentrys – Wild, Wild, Wild

Guided By Voices – Glad Girls

The British Roadrunners – Do Something To Me 

Bruce Chanel – Mr Bus Driver

Faz Waltz – Julie

Bobby And The Expressions – Slooptime USA 

Sandi Shaw – Walking The Dog 

Bing Crosby – What Do We Do With The World

UK Baby – Heartbreaker

Dolly Parton – Don’t Drop Out

The Last Detail – Fun Fair

The Archies – Truck Driver

The Orielles – Bobbi’s Second World

Bob Evans – Happy Tears

The Memories – Did Ya Get It 

Coleen Green – Wild One

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