Episode #162 – Wimbledon, Tennessee


Sunday 23rd June 2019– presented by Henry, Ivan and Paul

Download Part 1: http://fromefm.co.uk/archive/baddetectives/190623-baddetectives-baddetectives-1.mp3

Download Part 2: http://fromefm.co.uk/archive/baddetectives/190623-baddetectives-baddetectives-2.mp3

Stream: http://frome.fm/programmes/music/bad-detectives-radio-show/

Subscribe: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/fromefm-bad-detectives-radio/id985795629?mt=2

Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/FromeFM/playlists/bad-detectives-radio-show/

We played:

Duffy – Lovers’ Beware

Faron’s Flamingos – See, If She Cares

Howlin’ Jaws – You Got It All Wrong

Doug Tuttle – I’ll Throw It Away

Will Brison and the Shocking Shrinks – Landy You Need Me 

The Divine Comedy – Norman and Norma

The Minders – Lets Go Driving! 

Slow Dog – Walking Through The Blue Grass

Steel Blossoms – Pick Me Up 

Michaela Anne and Sam Outlaw – One Love Song

The Will-O-Bees – Shades Of Gray

P.P. Arnold – Baby Blue 

Jeanines – Winter In The Dark

Bobby Day – Spicks and Specks 

Los Straitjackets – Dancing With The Stars / Sex In The City 

Pottery – Hank Williams

Billy Swann – Vanessa 

Slim Chance – Squeeze Box

Bitw – Love Is Happening!

Tom Hartman – Sunshine Woman

Rosanne Reid – I Love Her So 

Elf Power – Jane 

The Shame – Too Old To Go ‘Way Little Girl 

Tacocat – The Joke Of Life 

Blonder – Elegant Girl Inc. 

Olympics – Looking For A Love 

Tom Russell – Isadore Gonzalez

E.B. The Younger – On An Island

Skip Bifferty – On Love 

Ron Sexsmith – Transformers

Los Straitjackets – The Fishin’ Hole

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